Auto Dimming Mirrors Can Protect Driver Vision from LEDs

Here at Hoffman Porsche, we enjoy finding ways to help drivers and our customers stay safer behind the wheel. One modern technology that is easily available to almost all drivers is called auto dimming mirror technology. When used properly, these technologies can protect driver vision from oncoming high beams even if they emanate from high-power LED bulbs.

LED headlight bulbs are a popular option for many drivers. This is because LEDs are available in higher light temperatures than other bulbs. Plus, LED bulbs are filamentless, and are thus much sturdier than regular bulbs. These and other features allow LED headlamps to project exceedingly bright lights for long distances. When these LED beams hit the eyes of oncoming drivers, they can and do cause significant visual obstruction.

Auto dimming rear view mirrors can effectively defend against this very real road based danger. These mirrors use special electro sensitive gels that are located between the mirror and onboard microprocessors. Special cameras or other light gathering tools can perceive when high beams appear in driver visual fields, and the sensors send this data to the microprocessor systems. The processors then electrify the gels which darken in color in response. This effectively dims oncoming headlights whether they are of the LED variety or not.



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